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Lars Ole Bonde vandt juryens førstepris for bedste poster ved en konference om musikterapi

Lars Ole Bonde vandt prisen (med sine to medforskere Ola Ekholm og Knud Juel) for en interaktiv poster om Musik og folkesundhed ved the 10th European Music Therapy Conference - “A Symphony of Dialogues” 5.-9.juli i Wien.

‘Music and public health’ is a new field of study. Few scientific studies with small samples have documented health implications of musical participation. Research questions in this epidemiological study were: 1) Is there an association between self-rated health and active use of music in daily life? 2) What associations can be observed between musical background, uses and understanding of music as a health factor, and self-reported health?

Download den interaktive posterpræsentationen her.

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