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Music Therapy with children with Autism

Music Therapy with children with Autism

Editor: Ulla Holck, PhD, Associated Professor, Aalborg University.

There is a long tradition for using music therapy with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Both in Denmark and abroad music therapists, parents and professionals have experienced music therapy to be able to increase social and communicative competences in children with ASD.

Recently, the effect of music therapy has been documented to be significant, also when compared to other non-medical treatement procedures. In children with ASD music often raises a spontaneous external interest. This, combined with specific music therapy tecniques, leads to an increased interest into social interplay with imitation, turn-interplay and joint attention - all seen as important steps for the development of language.

Read more in this article on international research in music therapy with children with ASD - for the first time presented as a peer reviewed survey in Danish. (For an English edition - click here).